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About us

At Teksto, we create bilingual content tailored to your needs. We go beyond merely translating content – we seek to ensure our content gets its original message across between different cultures and contexts.

No matter how good translation software and plug-ins are, there is currently no technology capable of substituting a human translator. They are the only ones who can accurately translate language nuances, witty expressions, word play, and humor. That is precisely why Teksto was founded.


Teksto means ‘text’ in Esperanto, which was developed to serve as a universal language. And our logo features the Tower of Babel, from a biblical tale that offers an explanation on why different peoples speak different languages.


These symbols embody our goal: to ensure proper communication in all languages. We consider our clients partners, and together we tackle the challenge of communicating with the rest of the world. We are at your disposal to make your corporate communications go global!

Tower of Babel

Our services

We create original content in Portuguese, English or in both languages, for all platforms and purposes.

Bilingual Content

We translate and adapt existing content. We can also adjust your website to target new audiences.


We create contant in English, Portuguese or in both languages. Our content is strategically design to attract audiences,  clients and international opportunities.

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