Communication is key in all industries and is a crucial factor when closing important deals, approaching new clients or establishing your company as significant market player.

Teksto does more than merely translate content. We take into consideration the particularities of each target audience, as well as each language’s nuances, creating tailored content that perfectly suits your needs.


Teksto is the perfect partner for these tasks! Whatever you are looking for, we can help raise the standard of your corporate communications by making them even more accessible to other markets.


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We create original content in Portuguese, English or in both languages, for all purposes. You may be looking to update your corporate website, or maybe you would like to create a presentation about your services. Perhaps even create exclusive content for distribution among employees or clients. Teksto has got you covered!


For certain types of content, a lot more goes into translating it into another language than simply choosing the right words. Sometimes it requires taking into consideration the specificities of another culture, including dialects, expressions and historical background. Teksto goes beyond simple translations – we transcreate content in new languages, meaning the original message will be accurately conveyed in other languages. Transcreation is ideal for the production of flyers, posters, and marketing and advertising materials as well as presentations.


If all you need is to have content translated, look no further than Teksto. We are highly experienced in translating all kinds of content, from simple texts to complex technical materials, into both Portuguese and English. We are at your disposal to translate all kinds of content, such as factsheets, sustainability reports and annual reports.


It is important to keep online content up-to-date to ensure your corporate website ranks among the top results in major search engines like Google. Teksto can update content platforms with content in English, Portuguese or in both languages as often as needed.

subtitling and transcription services

Do you need to translate content that is not in written form? At Teksto, we also subtitle and transcribe videos and audio files in both Portuguese and English. We also write scripts for corporate videos of all kinds.


If you are looking for someone to translate literary texts, such as books or poems, look no further. We always make sure that nothing gets lost in translation. We are experienced in working with literary texts and know how important each word is when building a narrative.