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What is Digital Marketing?

You may not know what digital marketing is, but you have almost certainly come across one or more of its tools while scrolling through social media or googling something. Digital marketing - or communication in a digital environment - is increasingly important for companies looking to attract new clients or partners to their businesses.

Even though digital marketing seems to be a simple and straight forward concept, there are different strategies, results and requirements. The most common strategies are inbound marketing, content marketing, social media, SEO, Google Ads, video marketing and geomarketing. Choosing which strategy - or strategies - to use will depend on the intended outcome, the needs of the business, the kind of audience being targeted and the communication options available to the business.

Get to know each strategy

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is for generating leads to attract new clients. The aim of this digital marketing strategy is to be among the top search results when a potential client is looking for the service you provide. This can apply to your website or your social media channels and is a way of establishing a connection with your brand. A good inbound marketing strategy needs great content.

Content marketing

The best way to generate inbound marketing is to create interesting and relevant content for your audience and potential clients. This digital marketing strategy works by meeting the needs of your audience through the use of blogs, videos, infographics or social media posts to answer whatever questions people might have about your business. If your potential client finds the answers they need on your website, there is a greater chance that they will return to your company in the future.

Social media

Nowadays, every company knows how important it is to have a strong presence on social media. No matter what your business is, your audience is on social media. Being on social media means your company can target specific groups of people who will potentially be interested in your brand and enable them to interact with your content. However, producing original and relevant content is key. It is also important to note that not every social network is relevant for every type of business.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key for your content to be found by potential clients through search engines like Google. Implementing SEO allows your digital content to be found more easily, because having a good optimization strategy means your website will show up at the top of search results.

Google Ads

The use of sponsored links is probably the most well-known strategy in digital marketing. It simply consists of paying Google to show your link whenever someone searches for specific key words or expressions. Sponsored links are basically ads developed for a digital audience.

Video marketing

Video marketing is the digital marketing strategy of adding videos to your content. It is an extremely effective strategy for social media, where videos play automatically as people scroll down. It catches the eye of the viewer and gives your content more visibility.


Geomarketing uses maps and geolocation technologies in order to reach audiences in specific locations. It is a perfect strategy for shops and restaurants, as it presents these businesses as an option for people looking for something in a specific region.

Digital marketing for your business

Now that you know all about the digital marketing strategies available to make your business a success, you also know how important it is to have content that is creative, original and customized for your brand.

As a company specialized in bilingual content creation and transcreation, Teksto gives you an advantage: all of your content and digital marketing strategies can be in different languages, allowing you to reach a much wider audience.

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